National Evaluation Systems in the public service: Institutionalizing evidence informed policy and decision making_IPDET_2021


The workshop will examine the concepts of M&E, M&E systems, Evaluation and Evaluation Systems at different levels. It aims to:

Expose participants to key components of an evaluation system (building blocks of an evaluation system)

Expose the participants to different kinds of evaluation systems from different countries and sectors, with a primary focus on National Evaluation Systems


The workshop draws from documented experiences of governments that have evaluation systems. It explores both the technical and cultural/political elements of institutionalization of evaluations within the public service. It also examines how formalization of evaluation within management of public services strengthens the use of evidence in the public policy.


The following themes are covered in the course: Introduction to monitoring and evaluation; evaluation as part of public service management; Introduction to the evaluation ecosystem; Developing evaluation system policy; Support systems and organization/institutional arrangements needed for functional evaluation systems; how to build capacity to support the evaluation system; Strategies to promote and embedding the use of evaluation evidence within political context; strategies to resource the national evaluation system. The course ends with practical considerations on steps that can be taken by countries to develop evaluation systems that are relevant, sustainable and strengthen the supply and use of evaluation evidence in policy and programme implementation and service delivery.

  • Methodenkompetenzen / Methodische Kenntnisse
  • Organisations- und Feldkenntnisse
  • Praxis der Evaluation
Durchführende Person/en bzw. Institution/en (inkl. kurzer Vorstellung)

Matodzi Michelle Amisi is a research/evaluation consultant at the Centre for Learning on Evaluation and Results (CLEAR-AA) at Wits University. Her work involves supporting African governments to develop or strengthen evaluation systems.


From 2011 to June 2018, Dr. Ian Goldman was the Head of Evaluation and Research and later DDG in South Africa’s Ministry/Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME), where he led the establishment of South Africa’s national evaluation system. He is now an Advisor on Evaluation and Evidence Systems at CLEAR Anglophone Africa.

Umfang (Dauer)

1 week interactive online workshop


M&E staff in government at national and sub-national levels to understand how they can approach their work systematically and support institutionalisation of evaluation in their ministries/government broadly; International development agencies working to

Sonstige Angaben

This workshop is mid-level, some basic understanding and experience with monitoring and evaluation is required for participants to really get benefit from the workshop.


Participants should already understand what evaluation is, basic evaluation concepts and have at least worked in/with monitoring, evaluation, or research. The workshop is about institutionalization of evaluation within the public service, although the course will introduce participants to some basic public service management concepts, basic understanding or exposure to public service/public policy will be beneficial to participants.

registration on ipdet.org 6.4.-11.6.2021