101 on Meta-Evaluation, or: how to evaluate Evaluations – Approaches, Methods and Findings_IPDET_2021


The participants

- are able to assess the quality of an evaluation according to common standards,

- know which criteria should be used therefore and how they can be applied.

- They evaluate evaluations in practice and thereby learn about the added value of a systematic approach to it.

- Finally, the participants will gather an overview about practical tools and applications for meta-evalu


Do evaluations always provide the ‘right’ information? I mean, are they valid, reliable, correct in a sense? Can we believe their findings? And after all, what is the merit of our work to society, or at least for the people who read our reports?

Not only evaluators contemplate about such questions from time to time. More and more commissioners and political decision-makers want to know if they can trust evaluations and what they can actually learn from them. Moreover, the added value of such exercises for providing the empirical basis for decision making remain often obscure. Hence it is no wonder that the demand for meta-evaluations rises.

So, if you want to know how to evaluate an evaluation, come in and find out. Bring along – actually please send it a few days in advance – an evaluation you always wanted to know how good it is. I promise you, afterwards you will know (better).

  • Methodenkompetenzen / Methodische Kenntnisse
  • Praxis der Evaluation
Durchführende Person/en bzw. Institution/en (inkl. kurzer Vorstellung)

Stefan Silvestrini; Stefan S. is the CEO of the CEval GmbH, the commercial spin-off of the Center for Evaluation at the Saarland University. He is a Sociologist by education with a particular focus on empirical methods and impact evaluation. His main research areas include Development Cooperation, Climate Change and Adaptation, Environmental Management, Rural and Urban Development, Good Governance, Gender and Humanitarian Aid as well as Education and Technology Assessment. In these fields Stefan has led numerous evaluations for governmental and non-governmental organizations in the European Union, South and South-East Asia as well as Sub-Sahara Africa.

Umfang (Dauer)

1 week interactive online workshop


This workshop is particularly relevant for commissioners of evaluations who want to learn about the quality of the evaluations they receive or who want to develop their own quality assurance framework for evaluations. Comissioners, Evaluators, Policy Make

Sonstige Angaben

This is an intermediate level workshop. Participant need to have a basic understanding about evaluation as a management tool. While it is not necessary to have conducted an evaluation, ideally, the participants should have read a number of evaluation reports before and know about their strengths and weaknesses.


Registration: 6.4.-20.8.2021; max. 30 seats; register online ipdet.org