Designing evaluations


The workshop aims at providing participants with hands on training on how to design evaluation for different types of interventions; project, program and policy. It will present an overview of the basic steps in designing evaluation and will enable participants to discuss evaluation plans and how the intervention evaluation steps apply to their own projects/ programs..


This workshop will take participants through the journey of designing an evaluation. This journey starts with building solid understanding of the intervention being evaluated through identifying a strong program by gathering evidence that supports the intervention to be used through developing a logic model which clearly communicates the central model of the intervention. Then the participants will go through comperhending the implementation process of the intervention to ensure fidelity to the central program model, evaluate program quality and efficiency, and establish continuous process improvement protocols. The last phase of the journey will allow participants to identify results; outputs and outcomes through obtaining evidence of positive intervention outcomes by examining the linkages between intervention activities and outcomes. The highest level of evidence allows an intervention to make the claim of being evidence-based by attaining strong evidence of positive intervention outcomes. Ultimately, this journey will enable participants to validate whether the intervention have established the causal linkage between program activities and intended outcomes/impacts or not..

  • Methodenkompetenzen / Methodische Kenntnisse
Durchführende Person/en bzw. Institution/en (inkl. kurzer Vorstellung)

Amjad Hussein Al-Attar

Umfang (Dauer)

2 days long


This workshop is designed for evaluators, evaluation commissioners, program managers, donors, government officials and others who have limited experience in performing practical ex-post evaluations, participated in the core course or similar training. It

Sonstige Angaben

This workshop suits beginners and intermediaries who have theoretical background and knowledge in evaluation and were part of a process of planning for evaluations as well as commissioning and managing evaluations.


Knowledge of the basics of evaluation (e.g. as provided by the IPDET core course or similar training) is highly desirable.