Monitoring and evaluating the SDGs: challenges and proposed solutions


The participants:

-know about key evaluation approaches & practices targeting on sustainable development & the implementation of Agenda 2030,

-understand the specifics of national monitoring & evaluations systems & the importance of system, inclusive & transition thinking for evaluating the SDGs,

-recognize the important role of evaluation within national SDG reporting


The workshop provides some insides into the state of the art of national SDG-reporting. Primarily it is about national monitoring and evaluation systems, spotting on already existing national evaluation policies and practices. While there are some recommendations given by UN organizations, EVALPartners and civil society organizations, evaluation is still poorly integrated into the first proposals of reporting systems. Hence, there are some ideas and first concepts that are discussed with a particular view on perspectives for practical implementations.

  • Methodenkompetenzen / Methodische Kenntnisse
  • Praxis der Evaluation
Durchführende Person/en bzw. Institution/en (inkl. kurzer Vorstellung)

W. Meyer; Associate Professor at Saarland University; Adjunct Professor at UTAMU, Kampala, Uganda; Dr. phil. at TU Chemnitz. He studied Sociology and Political Science at University of Mannheim. Since 1998 he is scientific assistant at the Institute for Sociology at Saarland University; since 2002 senior scientist at the Center for Evaluation (CEval) and since 2009 Vice-director of CEval. He is founding member of the German Evaluation Society (DeGEval) and had been speaker of DeGEval’s Environmental Evaluation Working Group (2002-2010); member of European Evaluation Society (since 2008) and since 2016 speaker of Thematic Working Group II Evaluating Sustainable Development. He had been involved in more than 40 Evaluation projects.

Umfang (Dauer)

1 week interactive online workshop


- Monitoring and Evaluation officers in public or private organizations

- Young and Emerging Evaluators who want to work in the field of evaluating SDGs

- Sustainability experts who want to know more about the potentials of Monitoring and Evaluation

Sonstige Angaben

registration: 6.4. - 17.9.2021 on www.ipdet.org


No previous knowledge about sustainable development, evaluation or the SDGs required. Some involvement in SDG debates within the own organizational and/or national context is helpful but not necessary. This is a workshop on beginners’ level.