What have we learned from conducting evaluations in times of Covid-19? What will the new normal look like?


This workshop discusses several challenges (and opportunities) for conducing evaluations in times of covid-19, structured around three main questions:


a) How does covid-19 affect the scope of evaluations? – Even after the pandemic, the effects of covid-19 will continue to be visible in policies, the economy and societal values and behaviors. How do we approach this as evaluators?

b) How do we collect data under the restrictive circumstances of covid-19? What have we learned? What approaches are likely to be discontinued or continued going forward?

c) How can we improve the things that we can continue doing under the restrictive circumstances of covid-19? Have we become more rigorous and innovative in our desk reviews and data analyses? Has covid-19 accelerated innovation in evaluation? In what ways has the pandemic changed (or is it likely to change) the pace and direction of innovation in the use of methods and data in evaluation?

  • Sozial- und Selbst-Kompetenzen / Soziale und persönliche Kompetenzen
  • Praxis der Evaluation
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Patricia Rogers; Patricia is Chief Executive Officer of Better Evaluation, an international collaboration to improve monitoring & evaluation by creating & sharing knowledge about choosing & using methods & processes. She was formerly Professor of Public Sector Evaluation at RMIT University & ANZSOG & is now visiting professor at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. She is an experienced evaluator who has worked on evaluations & evaluation systems for more than 30 years in a wide range of sectors, including education, health, early childhood, community services, international development, science and technology, employment, energy, and infrastructure. She has worked with national, state & local government departments & agencies in Australia & New Zealand, UN agencies & NGOs.

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1 week interactive online workshop


Evaluators, Management, Policy Makers, Practitioners

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Registration: 6.4.- 3.9.2021; max. 30 seats; register online ipdet.org