Developing monitoring and evaluation systems in organizations

Learning goals

The participants

- Know how to develop an M+E-System for an organization,

- Be able to develop the central elements of an organizational M+E-Policy,

- Be capable to identify relevant stakeholders,

- Be able to institutionalize a M+E structure,

- Know about mechanisms for quality assurance,

- Be able to organize and manage M+E processes.


Systematically and frequently conducted monitoring and evaluations are becoming more and more important on all levels of societies. This workshop focuses on the organizational level. When establishing a Monitoring and Evaluation system on this level, the goal is to ensure and improve the quality of the work of this organization and to increase its overall steering capability. In difference to M+E systems on a national or program level, such systems must be embedded into the framework of the organization and linked to the general organizational strategy. According to this, a specific monitoring and evaluation policy must be developed, including specific regulations on the forms and scopes of evaluations, the regularity of its performance and its utilization, the inclusion of which departments at which time for which kind of evaluation, the enhancement of evaluation methodology and the instruments used for ensuring evaluations quality.

One of the first tasks is to establish a Monitoring and Evaluation entity being anchored as an independent unit within the organizational structure and linked into the most important organizational processes such as planning and implementing programs..

Areas of expertise
  • Methodological skills /knowledge
Implementing institution/s or person/s (incl. short description)

- Reinhard Stockmann

- Meyer Wolfgang

Scope (duration)

2 days long

Target groups

- Responsible person for implementing an M+E in non-governmental or governmental organizations;

- M+E officers in Organizations;

- Executive staff in Organizations;

- Decision makers in a middle and upper management position at private or public organi

Other Information

Beginners level, no previous knowledge about Monitoring and Evaluation necessary.

Participation requirements

The attendance of the IPDET core course is recommended, no introduction or further explanation of Monitoring and Evaluation and specific terms will be given in this workshop.