Emerging Technology and Its Use in Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Learning goals

The participants will understand the basics of the diff. technologies and how they can be used in monitoring, evaluation and learning; understand the pros, cons, human and financial costs and how each type of technology may affect the quality and rigor of your data and explore the issues of data privacy and good data practice for each technology.


Apps, biometrics, drones, mobile devices, text analytics, machine learning… Are you wondering how these new and emerging technologies can be applied in your monitoring, evaluation and learning practice? This workshop gives you an overview of each of these technologies and how they are being applied in the field today.

We use a framework for evaluating the utility of different types of technology and understand when it might be (and might not be) most effective to use. We review the pros and cons of different types of technologies and the human and financial costs of deploying them.


This workshop is appropriate for different types of people on the diffusion of innovation scale from those who are early adopters of technology to those who are technology sceptics.

Areas of expertise
  • Methodological skills /knowledge
  • Evaluation practice
Implementing institution/s or person/s (incl. short description)

Dr. PH Kerry Bruce, Chief Technical Officer at Clear Outcomes

Scope (duration)

1 week interactive online workshop

Target groups

Comissioners, Evaluators, Practitioners

Other Information

Participants must have an internet capable computer and be able to download files from an email or Google Folder. A basic understanding of data privacy will be helpful.

Participation requirements

Registration: 6.4.- 14.5.; max. 30 seats

The workshop is entry to mid-level. Participants should have some knowledge of how technology has been applied to monitoring and evaluation. Participants should have an interest in wanting to apply a framework to evaluate the utility of different technology to their practice. No experience with any particular type of technology is required.