Objectifs de la formation

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

- Explain what evaluation for social justice is and how different evaluation approaches address it.

- Develop a critical understanding and positioning around key issues that influence the social justice orientation and transformative potential of evaluations.

- Design, plan and conduct social justice evaluations.


Social injustice, expanded inequality gaps and the multiple challenges to achieve the SDGs, reinforce the need to boost the potential of evaluation as a tool to contribute to social justice.

What does social transformation mean and how does it look like? Which are, the main social justice-oriented evaluation types and what do they propose in terms of theory and practice, including decolonising paradigms emerging in the Global South? How does power permeate evaluation? Which are, some key aspects that determine the potential contribution of evaluation to social transformation? What is the importance and role of Theory of Change towards social justice and how to use it in evaluations? Which tools, and approaches can help us mainstream a social transformation approach throughout an evaluation?

These 2.5 day workshop will address these important questions, providing the participants with theoretical, strategic and practical knowledge to equip and empower them as social-justice-oriented evaluators, understanding the complexities, inconsistencies and dilemmas of the current evaluation architecture and practice.

Domaines de compétences
  • Methodenkompetenzen / Methodische Kenntnisse
Personne responsable / Institution (incluant une brève description)

Instructor: Silvia Salinas Mulder, a Bolivian anthropologist, feminist and human rights activist, with 32 years of experience as senior strategy advisor, consultant and evaluator in the social development sector; senior strategy advisor, consultant and evaluator in the social development sector; Co-chair of EvalPartners.


2.5 days long

Public(s) cible(s)

Recommended mainly for evaluators but also suited for applied social scientists, activists and programme managers who hire development evaluations.

Autre(s) information(s)

This is an intermediate workshop, and some previous evaluation experience is required.

Condition(s) de participation

Knowledge and practice in or related to development programme evaluation.