Objectifs de la formation

The participants:

- know about the different selection problems,

- have an overview on different sample approaches,

- are able to apply key sampling techniques in evaluations,

- understand the pros and cons of the various sampling procedures.


In almost all evaluations, it is necessary to make decisions about selections: which documents should be analyzed, which of the stakeholders should be included in the evaluation process, from whom is it possible to collect data, who should be invited to the closing session etc. This workshop is on the several different methods to make such kind of decisions and to draw samples from any kind of populations. This includes both non-probability sampling by using different kind of criteria as well as probability sampling using inference statistics to produce representativeness. The workshop gives an overview and some practical hints for selecting a method without getting too deep into details of the methodologies. For visiting the course, it is not necessary to have knowledges in mathematics and statistics, further information on these topics is provided in additional voluntary videos.

Domaines de compétences
  • Methodenkompetenzen / Methodische Kenntnisse
Personne responsable / Institution (incluant une brève description)

Instructor: Dr. Wolfgang Meyer, Professor for Sociology at Saarland University in Saarbrücken and Adjunct Professor at Uganda Technology and Management University, Kampala.


5 days

Public(s) cible(s)

Recommended for: Evaluators and Practitioners.

Autre(s) information(s)

Level: Introductory.

Condition(s) de participation